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With our roots in constructing homes from the ground up, Nikolas Renovation has over twenty years of experience in making the impossible possible, ensuring that we will make your vision come to fruition. Whether you are deciding between interior or exterior renovations, Nikolas Renovation will set a detailed plan of attack on how to maximize your budget and space, adding value to your home’s habitability and market value. Make your home feel brand new with addition or change of layout. Whether you prefer having the quintessential open layout or want to add value to your home with a room or bathroom addition, our team could make it happen.


We pride ourselves on delivering high-end finishes using quality products and experienced craftsmen. We can help design any room in your home, or if you have a design in mind, we will execute it with precision. Give us a call and schedule a complimentary home remodeling consultation. Call: 630-360-8477

As General Contractors, we help with project planning, designing, and building. Request a free consultation at any stage of your project.

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