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It's been a pleasure working with Nikolas Construction. Love their work based on the photos I've seen. They have an amazing gallery of work to showcase which proves that they have the talent & techniques to get the job done! I highly recommend Nikolas Construction.

Ellen Bacerra

If you're looking for the best home remodeler in Elmhurst or the entire Chicago area, give these guys a call. Our initial meeting with Marsel was great. He arrived on time, we told him what we wanted and he clarified what was possible for our budget. We both agreed to move forward and work together right there and then. Our experience with Marcel and Nikolas Construction has been top-notch. You can look around for other remodeling contractors, but I'm not sure why you would. Marcel and his team are the best!

Brian Kasallis

Kitchen Remodeling: He is very reliable and you can count that he will do an awesome job. He has wonderful ideas and I have been using him for years!  

Kris M.
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